3 Reasons To Consider Mocktails

Delicious fruit mocktails in female hands. The concept of a drink, meeting.
Mocktails have made a great resurgence recently it seems.

Non-alcoholic liquor alternatives are popping up all over the place. And honestly, it’s so easy to create a tasty mocktail with a normal cocktail recipe, I can see why they’re so popular.

If you’re not sure about trying mocktails, here are some reasons you should and how to create mocktails using traditional cocktail recipes.

Elegant women standing in a cafe and drinking a cocktails1. They make social occasions less awkward:

Listen, I didn’t drink for YEARS. We’re talking no interest in alcohol whatsoever. I didn’t like the taste and I didn’t see the point when I could just drink soda or something instead. Eventually that changed (obviously or I wouldn’t have created this subscription box) and I learned to not only enjoy alcohol but all about cocktails. Anyway, my point is, I remember those numerous social events and everyone drinking and that slight tinge of jealousy that they were able to enjoy fancy drinks while I watched. Well, no more. Now you can have a mocktail that looks just like a cocktail and nobody will know. Seriously. Just think of how much more fun you’ll have when you’re not worried that people are judging you or wondering why you’re not drinking. Not that I’m suggesting peer pressure should cause you to want to appear to be drinking, not at all. Just that if you used to drink and you’re abstaining, or you’re pregnant, or whatever- mocktails make you feel like you’re engaging in the same activities as those around you.

2. They’re great for weeknights:

I love cocktails. LOVE THEM. But sometimes I don’t love how I feel the day after (umm, welcome to your thirties, I guess). And honestly, sometimes I’ll have one and it’s so tasty I want another one. Well, problem solved! I can swap out the alcohol for an alcohol alternative- like Ritual Zero Proof and still feel like I’m having a cocktail with none of the nasty side effects or next day regrets. Ritual tastes delicious. Trust me. And you can make any of our October drinks with it. After this month, I plan on doing different mocktail recipes to make the mocktail box more special, but for now, the Ritual Gin Alternative was so good, I just left the drinks the same.

Young woman mixing ingredients in Aperol spritz drink3. They’re good for practicing cocktail making:

Alcohol can get expensive. And maybe you don’t want to try making cocktails with that gin that cost you 30 bucks. I get it. Making mocktails is a great way to practice your cocktail making skills without wasting alcohol. You don’t even need to use an alcohol alternative! A lot of mocktails simply swap the alcohol for soda water. Don’t shake the soda water though. That could be bad.

Okay so here’s the part where I tell you how you can use traditional cocktail recipes to craft delicious mocktails.

Let’s say you want a Caipirinha. A caipirinha usually combines Cachaca, lime, and simple syrup and maybe some fruit puree. If you don’t want to use Cachaca- you can simply sub in plain soda water. You can just pour all of the ingredients into a glass and mix them!

Or let’s say you want a Lemon Drop. A Lemon Drop combines vodka, lemon juice, and simple syrup. Again, just sub the vodka for soda water.

It’s very easy to sub the alcohol for something non-alcoholic. You can even play and add some extra ingredients, like bitters or syrups or whatever you want!

Anyway, I hope this was useful. Cheers!


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