A Bit of Vitae

Do you have a friend who needs a pick-me-up? Maybe this whole pandemic is getting them down, or they just sent their child off to college, or they just need a special treat to know you care.

Send them a A Bit of Vitae!

Vitae is Latin for “life”. There’s even a drink called Aqua-vitae, or “water of life”.

 Our bit of Vitae is a Mini-Mixologist Kit that you can purchase for $14.99 (plus $5 shipping), and we will send it to anyone in the Continental U.S. with a special note saying it came from you.

We will even give them 10% off their first box if they become a member, and you will get a 10% credit to use on anything in our Shop! 

So go on…

Spread A Bit of Vitae!

* kits do not contain alcohol

Shipping Schedule

Order by the 5th of the month to receive the current month's full box. If you order the full box after the 5th of the month, then you will receive next month's full box.

Boxes will ship by the 15th of each month.