Hi! I’m Nicole. I started Missologist because I love cocktails and I want to spread my passion and enthusiasm and knowledge on to other women!
Why women? Well, let me tell you my story. In 2018, I began dating a guy who made cocktails. He made a couple for me and my mind was blown. I immediately requested my own cocktail shaker and he willingly obliged by gifting me one. I began to enter the world of mixology and making my own cocktails at home.
But I was itching to learn more. I wanted to know everything and anything about cocktails. I took a course and became a certified Mixologist. I made drinks for my friends at parties and get-togethers. I chatted up bartenders.
It was at one of these get-togethers with my girlfriends that I began to notice a common pattern. My friends were all fascinated by me making them cocktails- much as I was when my boyfriend made me cocktails. And once I showed them how to do it- they were so excited and started doing it themselves.
I had an AHA moment not too long afterwards that women had been essentially left out of the cocktail space. Did you know women weren’t even allowed to be Bartenders until 1971? Anyway, I realized that everyone in my generation had basically been brainwashed into believing that Cosmos were what we were supposed to be drinking and we weren’t supposed to know how to make cocktails ourselves. It was a “man’s hobby,” essentially.
Well, I want to change that. There’s so much more out there besides Cosmos! No offense to Cosmos- I actually like them a lot. But once I discovered Clover Clubs and Pink Ladies and Jack Roses’ and all of the other delicious options out there, I was so happy!
So that’s my goal. To educate women about cocktails. To inspire them to get creative with their shakers. To remove the barriers and make mixology accessible and fun for women. Obviously men can get my boxes too. But it’s time for a cocktail revolution! And it all starts with a box….