All the Gins

Gin tonic cocktail with lemon
What's the Difference, Anyway?

There are several different types of gin. It can be confusing for a newbie to figure out what kind to use in cocktails.

I will provide an overview of the different kinds, as well as popular cocktails made with them (if there are any).

Distilled Gin

This is actually just gin itself- an alcohol that has been redistilled with juniper and other botanicals, with added flavorings.


This is a Dutch style of gin distilled from a malted mash similar to that used for whiskey. Oude is an older style that is darker in color and has a stronger malt flavor. Jonge is a newer style that is lighter in flavor and color, usually due to more refined distilling techniques. Either types may be barrel aged or unaged.


A high proof, vodkalike alcohol flavored with juniper and other natural or “nature identical” flavorings.

London Gin: (or London dry gin)

Alcohol that has been redistilled with juniper and other botanicals, with no additional ingredients beyond water or ethyl alcohol. London gin is what was used in our recipes- The Bloody Guava, The Bloodiest Guava, the Mike Myers, and the Bee Stings at Midnight.


A wine-distilled gin made only on the island of Menorca, off the Mediterranean coast of Spain.

Modern Gin

These are more experimental gins with stronger flavors, such as Aviation gin.

Old Tom Gin

An old British-style of sweetened gin that is making a comeback among the classic cocktail crowds.

Plymouth Gin

A type of gin that is only made in Plymouth, England. This gin is similar to London dry gin.

Sloe Gin

This is my Mom’s favorite! Sloe gin is produced by macerating sloe berries in gin and bottled at 25 percent ABV or higher. Sloe Gin Fizz is a popular drink made with this type of gin.


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