December 2021: Gingle Box & Winter Bourbonland

Happy Holidays card
This year has flown by too quickly! Wasn't it March just yesterday?

Wow! December is quickly approaching.

When I started Missologist, I thought it would be really nice to spotlight female-owned distilleries. We just happened to have one here- Freeland Spirits. I contacted them and they kindly agreed to curate our December box. However, due to the nature of their recipes, we are not having one December box, but two! One is gin-based and the other is bourbon-based.

Missologist | December 2021 Full Box: Winter Bourbonland Missologist | December 2021 Full Box: Gingle Box

Even though I didn’t create these recipes, I’ve tried every one, and they taste familiar yet unique at the same time.

In the Gin box, we have the Spiced Pear Fizz and the Cranberry Sour.

The Spiced Pear Fizz is especially appreciated as we enter the colder months. Notes of Thyme and Cardamom blend effortlessly with the pear and give it a very nice holiday tinge.

Missologist | Spiced Pear Fizz Cocktail Kit

The Cranberry Sour is appropriately tart while still marrying well with the Rosemary syrup and orange bitters.

Missologist | Cranberry Sour Cocktail Kit

In the Bourbon box, we have Not Your Mother’s Chai and a Maple Cinnamon Old-Fashioned.

Full disclosure here- I’m not a fan of Bourbon. But the combination of Freeland’s Bourbon and chai pretty much converted me. It’s so yummy!

Not Your Mother's Chai

The Maple Cinnamon Old Fashioned is incredibly good as well (if a bit strong for the likes of me!) but is a great take on a classic cocktail.

I know everyone who tastes these cocktails will love them.

If you’re like me and you can’t decide which one to taste or give as a gift, perhaps you’ll try both!

Either way, cheers!


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