November 2021 Box: Fall About Vodka

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Thanksgiving. How is it almost Thanksgiving?

It feels like the year just started! But alas, time marches on, and so must our subscription boxes.

For November, I wanted to once again to focus on one liquor. I considered my options, but ultimately decided that vodka provided the most flexibility, since it can essentially disappear in a cocktail.

Missologist | Vodka on the ice on the cutting Board.

I found the Mother-in-law cocktail on the website for a syrup company and knew right away it had to be included in the box. It blends cranberry spice syrup with orange bitters and is absolutely delicious. But it also fits in with Thanksgiving. While you might be happy to see your relatives on this holiday, you might also need a cocktail.

Missologist | Mother-in-Law Cocktail

Next, I created the Apple Crisp cocktail. I wanted something that celebrated a fall dessert- in this case, obviously, the apple crisp. I knew I needed apple cider and vodka and then I crafted the rest of the recipe to try and capture the essence of that delicious apple treat.

Missologist | Apple Crisp Cocktail

I also knew I wanted a hot drink since the weather is getting cooler. Hence the Boozy Pumpkin Hot Chocolate. It’s the perfect vehicle to get some vodka but also some warmth.

Missologist | Boozy Pumpkin Hot Chocolate

Finally, we get to the Cranberry Spice Fizz. Since there was already cranberry spice syrup in one of the cocktails, this seemed an obvious flavor to use for the last drink. This is a refreshing blend of vodka, cranberry spice, and soda water.

Missologist | Cranberry Spice Fizz

I’m honestly in love with all of these drinks. You’ll see that when you watch the tutorials.

I greatly enjoyed every single one (and my mom enjoyed a few too, despite not liking the taste of alcohol).

I hope these cocktails bring you the same pleasure as you make them and taste them.



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